Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Idiot Christians

Now, I'm the first to admit, as I did this past weekend while reminiscing with some friends from University, that I've done some stupid things in the name of Christ. What can we as believers do differently? If you lived down the street, or in the same town as these idiots who took it upon themselves to gain some attention based on recent news stories involving the Koran and a toilet, what would you do? Stealing their sign wouldn't likely accomplish much. Nor would pushing it over. It would simply add to their zeal. Civil discussion, prayer, a letter or a phone call?


Blogger HCJoel said...

You forgot 'ass-kicking' as one of the options of response. Myself, I'll choose prayer as well as public distancing. I would assess from that guy's statements that no amount of discussion would be fruitful. When you are your definition of truth (because you have put yourself in God's place), you are always right. That's really sad.

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