Monday, May 09, 2005


Yesterday morning at church, the highlight for me wasn't the singing, the preaching, or even the socializing afterwards. The highlight, the most moving part, was when Henry Vandendort shared for a few brief moments about his experiences in the war, and what VE day meant to him. I've read portions of his memoirs online (in which my one of my grandfathers is mentioned), and I always love listening to veterans share their stories. I love that they don't glorify themselves as heros, but that they humbly speak about what they did, because they had to do it. After he finished speaking he received a standing ovation, which was very moving. He was in tears, as were a lot of others. A simple thank you and a standing ovation is not nearly enough to express our gratitude to people like Mr. Vandendort for the risks they took and the sacrifices they made for our freedom. My parents were both born in post-war Holland, so it hits close to home. So, thank you for the choices you made when you were still so young, giving up your teenage years to fight a just war, and for continuing to live these 60 years since in God's service. May he give you the strength to continue to fulfill your vow until he calls you home.


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