Tuesday, May 03, 2005


A couple of weeks ago I went to a church in Orillia, for a baptism service for my cousin's new kid. My uncle preached a sermon about Jesus. It was very refreshing. His sermon was pretty simple, in that he just spoke about Jesus, and the claims that Jesus made about himself during his lifetime on earth. My uncle didn't bust out any 3-step self help pointers from observations on how Jesus lived. He didn't talk about a new method for doing something based on what Jesus did. He simply talked about Jesus, and I really enjoyed that. Jesus is great.


Blogger HCJoel said...

Yes, Jesus is great. Though, by my actions and thoughts, I often prefer Christianity (the religion) over Jesus (the relationship). I'm an idiot.
There are a few other blogs you might like... One, of course, is mine (http://hcjoel.blogspot.com). It's minimally interesting, at best. However, I found two other rad ones by the same guy, Peter Walker. He's a great, insightful writer. Go there (http://emergingchristianity.blogspot.com and http://essenceproject.blogspot.com). PEACE!


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