Friday, May 13, 2005


While reminiscing in a mass email this past week with some of my old Queen's friends, I was reminded of a prank that my housemates and I pulled that just didn't go off the way we intended it. It took two attempts to accomplish, but could have used a third.
I lived in a house on Victoria St. in Kingston, in my second year, with 5 other second year guys. There was a house a few blocks away where a bunch of our friends lived, at 69 Mack St. There was no animosity between us, we just decided to prank them. (Note: I do recall a certain answering machine war, but I'm not sure if that was before or after the events of this story.) Anyway, I knew that they kept their spare key under or in their BBQ, and so we decided to go over to their house one Saturday night, dressed in black, break into their house, and cause mischief. It's an old house, standard student housing, where the main floor is a combination living/dining room/kitchen, and the bedrooms are upstairs, so we didn't have to be too quiet. Well, the first attempt failed, as I said, because the key wasn't where I thought it would be. In our disgust we went to the 24 hr A&P, purchased some eggs, and egged the girls house at 239 Division. I suspect the windows are still stained.
The second attempt was much more successful; due to better planning. During the day on the day we planned to prank them, I stopped in at the Mack St. household for a casual 'visit'. I played some guitar in the living room, probably some Atari 2600, and at one point, when no one was looking, snuck into the back storage room and unlocked the back door. Our entry was secure.
Later that night, dressed in black, we entered their home. Tyler had this crazy idea of gluing popcorn kernels to the roof of the microwave, which he did. Someone else used some turtlewax on the kitchen floor, to ensure that someone in the house would become a paralytic, someone else stole all their cutlery, and the rest of us gathered all of the furniture in the house and stacked it in a large pile in the middle of their living room. I'm sure there was more, but it escapes my memory. What doesn't escape my memory is the fact that the next morning at church, the Mack Street Boys were sitting directly behind us, and none of them said a thing about the prank. One Mr. Jeff Dixon sat there with a satisfied grin on his face. Apparently he woke up early that Sunday morning, discovered the mess that we had created, and cleaned it all up before any of his housemates woke from their slumber, spoiling our prank. Our spirits were broken. Our prank was foiled. They won.


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