Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Nativity Story

I went to a screening of the film "The Nativity Story" last night in Toronto. The film is the story of Mary and Joseph in the year leading up to the birth of Jesus. The film is well done, in most ways. I didn't walk out of it thinking it was the best movie I've ever seen, but I do recommend it.

I often forget that the Biblical characters were real people, enduring daily struggles. Seeing the story play out on a screen develops the characters. We are taken through the faith journey of Mary, during a year in which she is given to be married to Joseph, a man she barely knows, and then is told by an angel she's pregnant, has to face the ridicule of a village for not remaining pure, is almost abandoned by her fiance, and finally has to travel some 100 miles on the back of a donkey while burstingly pregnant, only to give birth in a small cave which serves as a barn.

The movie has its villians as well. One of the story lines is oppression of Israel by the Romans. The other is the fear that King Herod has of loosing his throne to a new king. The wise men from the east are portrayed very well, with a certain element of humour as well.

The screenplay was written by Mike Rich, who's other work includes 'Finding Forrester', 'The Rookie', and 'Radio'.
He was at the screening last night, and we had a Q&A session in the theatre following the film.

The opening date is December 1st, 2006. It'll be a good family film during the Christmas season.


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