Monday, November 06, 2006

Last night at my small group meeting (Every other sunday night, a bunch of us from Church get together at someones house for discussion, dessert, and generally some good laughter) we were talking about what it means to Trust in God, and not ourselves. The scriptural instigator for the conversation was when Peter walks on water with Jesus.
Generally, in my life, I don't intentionally 'Trust in God' for too much on a day to day basis. There are certain routines that life follows, I wake up, have breakfast, go to work, go home, and go do evening things (meetings, social stuff, vegging in front of the TV, sports, etc.). Rarely do I consciously 'Trust in God' that he will provide a meal for me, or provide gas for my car, or work to do at my office. These things all happen, and they're routine. God has proven faithful in them (I acknowledge that he provides it all).
However, time to time, something out of the ordinary happens. Something unexpected interupts the routine of normal living. A relationship is strained, someone I know gets sick, I read something or hear something that challenges me (the way I live, the way I see the world) - and the routine is broken. A crossroads is reached, where a decision must be made, and that decision has consequences, both good and bad.
I'm faced with one of those right now. I'll spare the details, I'll just mention that the decision is big, and a bit scary.
I'm intentially 'Trusing in God' on this one.


Blogger Trinity said...

Hey cuz, I'll be praying for you for sure in this decision you've gotta make. Thanks for the reminder to trust God for everything when we hit those crossroads. I'll see you this weekend!

10:46 p.m.  

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