Monday, January 23, 2006


I plan on voting today. I know some people who don't vote, each for their own reasons. For example, one of my friends says that "The dominant culture is illigit and needs to be ignored." Some people don't want to vote because they don't feel that they're aware enough of who's who in politics and they don't feel comfortable/confident voting. Some people feel that all politicians are crooks and liars and choose not to vote because of that. Some people just don't care, and prefer to live in ignorance. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't vote, you don't realistically have any valid voice of complaint if the country isn't
Anyway, I get to vote at the little community church across the road from my house, a "Ministry of the Church of the God of Prophecy". I know that my church has opened it's building to elections Canada, and we've got something like 9 polling stations there. I wonder how some people feel about going to a 'church' to vote.
Regardless, there seems to be a ton more interest in this election than the past couple of elections, and I'm certainly curious to see how it all turns out tonight.


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