Monday, January 16, 2006

Those Anglicans

I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Let me use a coffee break to tell you about it. It felt like I was on vacation the whole time. It basically started on Friday morning, as I drove to Kingston for a day of work. I saw a pretty cool sunrise whilst driving down Hwy 28. I stopped on the side of the road and took some pictures (see below). I spent the day walking around a cold empty building that will soon be a Shoppers Drug Mart, possibly a doctors office, and possibly some residential units. I found a really cool loft that basically contained an old wooden frame, which appeared to support some sort of lifting device, which was only accessible by a really rickety life threatening ladder. It's fun mixing business and pleasure. I also got to wear my new hardhat! yay. Walking around for a full day with steel toe boots takes a bit more out of me than sitting at my desk for a full day moving a mouse around. I was beat at the end of the day. I have several eye-witnesses. I met up with a fellow-peterborough-dweller for coffee before heading north to westport!
Todd and Chelsea live in a perfectly sized one bedroom house out in the country, on a 5 acre lot with nothing but lakes and hills and trees behind them for miles. Todd and I explored them on Saturday, and bravely (stupidly) walked across one of the lakes. (don't worry, we each had a large branch to which we carried so that if we did break through, we wouldn't go completely theory)
We went into Kingston for dinner (#18 at the Wok In), and then a show at the Grad Club. Three quality bands were enjoyed with quality people. Highlights are definately a bass player who wore the union jack, but who, to quote one slightly more descriptive than I, "was channeling both bruce springsteen and keith richards simultaneously...and not in a good way." There was a guy standing against the door frame drawing the entire episode. University pubs are great. You can get away with that kind of thing. We agreed though that should he follow one of us into the bathroom to continue his drawing that it warrant the title 'sketchy'.
Sunday was cool. I regained my title as settler's champ, but more importantly had a really good time at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Westport. It was a simple service, full of scripture and liturgy (which when you actually pay attention to is really good) and community, and Jesus. I liked it. The congregation was seriously lacking in non-retired people. I hesistate to speculate on the state of such congregations in 10 or 20 years. The church is definately evolving.
Well, my coffee cup is empty, and there's work to be done. We're busy these days. I love it.


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