Monday, January 09, 2006

Parenting 101

Three different couples that I know are at various stages of parenting. One is in the early stages of pregnancy, another is two-weeks overdue and ready to pop at any moment, and the other is a few years into the parenting thing, yet her son has requested 'to trade daddy in for a new one who won't ignore me and watch TV.' Each of them has been on my mind this morning, prompting me to say some quick prayers for them. I believe prayer is effective.

I was at a birthday party on Saturday night, and I met some people there who are expecting their first kid, and have about 4 other close friends in the same boat. That's kinda cool. She asked me if I had any kids. I don't think I've ever been asked that question before. It made me feel old.

Jordon Cooper, who apparently has far too much free time on his hands, has made some "Church planter trading cards". A very bearded Dave Blondel is part of the set; in fact it's his rookie card, which is sure to be a rare collectors item.

I guess there's some sort of leader's "debate" on television tonight. Even though a half million Canadians voted for the Green Party in the last election, and they have a candidate in every riding, they have once again been excluded from the telivised debate. If this seems unfair to you, sign this petition. I might watch portions of the debate, although, I must admit, and TV time for me lately has been spent watching season 1 of Arrested Development. It's brilliant TV. Absolutely brilliant.

(Note: I took the above picture on Friday night, shortly after midnight, using the trunk of my car as a tripod, with my camera set for an 8-second exposure. I took several others of which I am equally proud.)


Blogger Barron C said...

So I note that your creative output in the last little while for photography has been phenom.

Also, Arrested Development is GOLD. Best show on television at the moment. Hopefully showcase will pick them up when Fox drops them.

3:20 p.m.  

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