Thursday, January 12, 2006

Links to words

- "A Place of Danger: Alone and Adrift in Toronto Over Christmas Break."
- This is sad. I think the toll is 345.
- Next Church. Updates on the castle baby (in labour), as well as online sermons, the next standard, etc.
- I'm annoyed that some news websites only allow you to read their articles if you pay a subscription fee. Honestly, they're probably making a tonne on all the ads that are all over the screen. I guess they have some marketing geniuses who have calculated that enough people will subscribe vs. the ad revenue lost due to lost readership... It is, of course, more about the almighty dollar, and less about the news. I understand that much.
- If you own a lightsaber, or have ever thought about owning one, read this and take heed when you vote...
- There are little rodents who live in my cubicle. I know this because they untie my shoes. I've never caught them, or seen them, but nearly everytime I get up from my desk to do something (retrieve something from the plotter/printer/fax/etc.) I come within inches tripping and falling face first into the wall of my cubicle. At first I thought it was kinda funny. Now it's just annoying.


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