Friday, January 20, 2006

3 more days (don't forget to vote)

I just recently discovered the Dilbert Blog. It's intellegent and at times good for a laugh.
How many of you think this actually happened? It looks legit, but who knows. She looks to have hurt her head on the way through. I'd like to see the outtakes on that one.
Lark News is putting out a book. Well, more of a guide. In fact, it is a guide. It's called: "A Field Guide to Evanglicals". Satire can sometimes be a grand form of humour. Sometimes.
Speaking of which. Those crazy Liberal ads that we won't have to watch any more after Monday have received a makeover.
To be true to the randomness of this post, here's another unbelievable feat. Take out your rubix cube, 'shuffle' it, and then try to solve it in under 12 seconds. It's possible, apparently.
If you didn't have enough reasons to eat a balanced diet, well this should pretty seal the deal, so to speak.
Election stuff: The liberals will have some serious financial worries after this election, so reports the Toronto Star. A few of the leaders speak about faith and politics.
And finally, you've probably already seen this, but, it's worth seeing again...
Pitching Tents.


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