Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Punisher

Some friends of mine, the Castle's are with child. In fact, the youngster may have entered the world by now. Another friend of mine thought it'd be funny to name the child 'Frank'. I didn't catch the reference until she emailed me the above picture, of the Punisher, aka Frank Castle. I quote "imagine if she gave birth to the Punisher? Fully formed and equipped with an automatic weapon? It would explain her ginormous size....as well as the lateness - Frank Castle doesn't do anything before he's good and ready."

The debate last night was good. There was no clear winner, and there was no clear loser. Gilles Duceppe baffles me. My question about why have a vote on something that's already been voted on (which he brought up in the last debate on a different issue) was turned against him on separatism. He didn't handle it well. I thought Steve Paiken (the TVO guy) did a really good job moderating. If you missed the debate, here's a good summary. Here's another one. I thought Layton looked good at times, and a bit annoying at others. He was slightly mocked by the moderator who at one point said something like 'sorry to ignore you here Jack, but Paul and Steve are the only ones who have mentioned that they want to be prime minister. All you keep saying is send NDP's to Ottawa, but you make no request to send yourself there as PM' (my paraphrase). Jack also bailed Mr. Harper out at one point, attacking Martin after he had just attacked Harper... Regardless, it's odd that a guy who's party is only running in one province can take part in the national leaders debate. I love Quebec. I hope they never separate. I just hope we as a nation can get past this struggle and begin to invest the time/energy/money that is being spent on trying to keep Canada united (or to separate, depending on which side you're on) can be spent/invested in making this a better country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't i feel honoured! I wasn't expecting that picture to find such a place of prominence...in any case, I have a couple more suggestions:

If it's a girl: Sandy

If it's a boy: Sandy

Was I born this funny, or is it a product of my upbringing? Please Discuss.

::Hero Wannabe::

7:02 p.m.  
Blogger HCJoel said...

About the debate... I never really thought about the fact that the Bloc only runs in Quebec. Why the hell did I have to sign an online petition to support the Green Party's right to participate in the debate?!? At least they've got candidates in every riding! That's ridiculous.
As for me and my house, we will be voting for Jack's party. Socialism is a lot more closely in line with Jesus than conservatism.

9:16 a.m.  

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