Friday, September 23, 2005

Home Opener

Smallish towns are cool. I sometimes consider Peterborough a small town. I drove in to Toronto for a meeting this morning, and was reminded of that fact.

I attended the home opener of the Pete's season last night at the Mem Centre. It was a good game. It started relatively calmly with no score, and no real risks in the first period. Too many rookies not wanting to make mistakes... It opened up soon enough, and at the final whistle it was 5-1 for the good guys. We scored all six goals.

The cool thing about the small town feel is that while walking to the arena I bumped into my old Principal from gradeschool, and one of the other teachers at the school. I see them most weekends at church anyway, but still. We had a really good conversation about church method and practice and U2 and music and Brian Maclaren. Once inside it seemed as if every other person looked familiar or had some connection. My insurance guy was there, the guy that supplies our office with plotter paper, a few other people from church with their kids, the guy from Pizza Pizza...

The best was the family sitting behind my brother and I. A father and his two daughters, who must have been around 5 or 6 each. He was explaining the rules of the game, and teaching them cheers, and things like that. "I'm really enjoying this daddy" I kid you not. That's what she said. And at the end, after the 50-50 draw when most people started leaving early she couldn't figure out why they'd leave early, when the game's not done yet. I can't either, but whatever.

Anyway, thanks to all my friends who have stood up for me and encouraged me these last few days, assuring me that I'm not mental, and that sometimes things happen that I'm not meant to understand fully, and that's ok. My plan is to move on, put this all behind me, and leave the past in the past. Live in the present, with future hopes/goals in mind. God's grace will carry me. Remember that 'rain' post (actually, it was called TV Dinners) a couple weeks ago... Well, that song came on today while driving back from Toronto, and it brought me great comfort. Thanks Billy Corgan. You're a saint.


Anonymous Anthony said...

I think the only goal I got when I was young and playing house league hockey was on my own net. It's a good thing we also had 5 in the other net. There's nothing more gracious than failing when it doesn't matter. Embarrassing, maybe...

9:41 p.m.  

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