Thursday, September 15, 2005


Do you find it easier to see God at work in the big things in life, or in the little day to day things?
Is it easier to acknowledge the hand of God in providing a job after weeks (or months) of praying and searching, or in seeing a relative or friend healed of cancer, than, say, a well timed phone call from a friend who happened to say the right combination of words that you needed to hear...
God is the God of big things and small things. Lately, I've been trying to be more aware of Him in the little things in my life. I tend to be aware of a lot more of His grace this way, and that awareness and participation in it is ultimately a form of worship. (A truer one for me than many of the songs I sing/lead/play on Sunday mornings). God receives more glory in my appreciation of the little things, than if I were to just be looking for the big answers, the big 'works of God'. So, it's good for Him, and good for me.
So, It's the week of the concert. I'm going to see 'the stills' tonight. I'm not a super fan, but hey, I'm up for live music.


Anonymous Daniel said...

Dave B.,

I think I've always found a greater connection with God when I notice the small things. For me, when I sit and notice how intricately the moss is made between the stones on my back patio, I realize how truly awesome God is, but I also realize how deep His love for me is, and how deep mine for Him is. So, I can very much identify with your desire to notice God in the little things--very wonderful.

God bless!

6:56 p.m.  

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