Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nero played a fiddle...

Now, I'm no expert, and maybe he's switching between chords, but if Mr. President were to strum that guitar it would sound rather aweful, regardless of the fact that it's got a presidential seal on it. Hmm... an interesting metaphor.

If I was an American, I'd be rather pissed that my President was showboating it, chumming it up with some country singer. Especially if it happened to be the day after much of my country is drowning under water, and being shocked by the reality of lives that have been literally torn apart. On the other hand, he has cut his massive vacation short by a couple of days to return to the white house and 'oversee' the relief efforts. Not lead, but observe. So yah, If I was an American, I'd be rather pissed right now. But, I'm not.

Did anyone see on the news yesterday the man in shock who's house was cut in half by the wind, and his wife disappeared? He was clutching two children, saying "I'm lost," and the reporter could barely keep herself from breaking down emotionally. Wow. So, Mr. President, put down that guitar that you obviously don't know how to play, roll up your sleeves and do something about the mess that your country is in. Bring back some of the National Guard from Iraq who would normally be mobilized to deal with this sort of thing. Be a leader. Be a servant. Serve your country.


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