Wednesday, September 07, 2005


There was just a smart car parked outside my office window at the water depot place. It was parked there for about half an hour, while other customers were coming and going. Every single person that walked by it stopped, looked inside it, walked around it, checked it out.
It doesn't really strike me as a solid Canadian vehicle. It's fine for the cities, but don't expect to get too far in half an inch of snow. I guess the fuel economy is the highest selling point, which is certainly attractive these days with $1.33/l gas, and peak oil looming on the horizon.


Anonymous Stephen said...

yeah I agree with you when you say it's not the most solid Canadian vehicle. And what would happen if it came up against an SUV not to mention say a truck and trailer. Those things smush regular cars these days as it is, run this thing over and you might not even notice. Also the small sice makes it harder to see, not as bad as a butt rocket but pretty close.

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