Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend Update

Pray for the people in the path of Katrina, especially the poor people living in a stadium who don't own SUV's enabling them to evacuate.

A tiring weekend has been had. I think I'm getting old. Staying out till 3AM is a damaging experience for me now. Saturday still turned out great though, regardless of the fact that I was fried from the night before. I watched the finals of the Peterborough Ultimate League, where the home team won! Afterwards Todd and Chuck arrived in P-town for a quick visit. Chuck rarely ventures away from 400-series highways, so this was his first real visit to Peterborough. I think it was everything he imagined it would be. Actually, Chuck is one of the more adventurous people I know, and I've been able to travel to China and Thailand with him in the past, both of which have been fantastic. Chuck is departing again shortly, which was the reason for the reunion. Pints and food were enjoyed at St.Veronus, before sitting around for the rest of the evening drinking homebrew, eating store-bought burritos and other random food found in my apartment. I love the fact that every time we get together we have incredible conversations, both challenging, quirky, and relevant. I'm blessed to have friends like these guys.

Here's some random reading for you if you're bored or just want to catch up on some (un)current events...

- Good news out of Iraq. link
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- Trade Wars. link
- Emotional Tirade??? Honour your agreements! It's not like you said we looked fat in these pants and we went off on you. You owe us $5 billion. Maybe we should just forget about the whole NAFTA thing and keep our oil and water and everything else to ourselves... link
- Speaking of oil... link


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