Thursday, September 01, 2005

La Cross

White guys "loot/salvage/liberate" items from stores too. (Notice the lack or roof on this convenience store) So, my thinking is that every store in New Orleans is going to be covered by insurance, for the contents and the structure, and so the stores aren't losing anything by having people liberate any remaining food/beverage/consumable from their shelves before it goes bad. It's literally a survival thing for them at this point. However, carting off several boxes of new Nike's and a few racks of Lebron jersey's is probably gonna get your ass arrested or shot at, as those aren't really survival items. I don't recall seeing anything from Nike resembling a hip-wader, which would be rather useful for walking through some of the streets. I doubt a TV and DVD player will do much good in N.O. these days either, since it doesn't look like the power's gonna be on anytime soon. What a mess. I really hope the authorities down there can figure out what's going on and impliment some sort of relief plan before more people are 'taken out' by the hurricane. So, what's the verdict? Evacuate the city, abandon it, and leave it as some morbid landmark reminding future generations to be better prepared and to not build in swamps below sea level? Seriously, even after they fix the levees and eventually drain the giant bowl of a city (which will take a month or two), it will remain as one large toxic waste site due to all the chemicals/gas/oil/waste that is presently floating through the city. Or, they can build it again, and build it bigger and better, otherwise the hurricane will have already won.

...In other news, I attended my first ever lacrosse game last night. It was a good first. Game 7 of a championship final with the home team winning. I admit though, I felt a bit odd with 4 minutes to go when I realized I had zero emotion involved in the game. Sure, I wanted the home team to win, but I hadn't followed the team all year, so I had no clue who any of the players were, or what the team had been through. It was still exciting though, and I really enjoyed it. It's a sport that hasn't been penetrated by the corporate sponsorship world yet, which was refreshing.

KC Lakers collected their second consecutive OLA Major Series championship, and 19th in team history, with a dramatic 11-9 seventh and deciding game victory against Brampton Excelsiors.


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I am with you on the looting ..who give s a *&^%. Let them eat and drink!

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