Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back Home

After 9 days, and a little over 1000km’s, we rode our bicycles into Peterborough late yesterday afternoon, around 5:30 PM. Our final day consisted once again of lots of rain, shelter from the thunder storms, blueberry pie, coffee, and two additional riders, a Rotarian, and Tedd Webb, founder of Africycle.

To complete our trip around Lake Ontario, we stopped for lunch in Port Hope at the park that we set out from a little over a week ago. I must admit, the reality of what we had just accomplished didn’t really hit me there. I was more focussed on getting food, and fueling up for the climb back to Peterborough that we still had to accomplish. After lunch we set out on the long climb home, enduring yet another thunderstorm along the way. The sun eventually came out, as it always does, and provided a warm welcome back home.

All told, the only luggage that we never had to unpack from the van was the first aid kit. We had a few close calls along the way, a bunch of flats (17?), some minor bike repairs, but nothing more than a scrape or bruise. Thanks for your prayers for safety.

It was an awesome trip that I’m sure we all would do again in a heartbeat. It felt weird to wake up this morning in my own bed and not suit up in spandex and go riding down unfamiliar roads. I look forward to the next adventure.


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