Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm sitting in Hamilton, at the Freeway Cafe, clean, showered, well fed and satisfied. We've completed 7 of 9 days of the tour so far, and the longest most difficult days are behind us. It's been a great ride so far, with each day being defined by something new. Michael has written a good summary on, so check that out.
I got my first flat tire on Day 5, the big day. We were riding on hwy 104 (I think), which is a highway along the south shore of the Lake, west of Rochester. Picture the 401 with no traffic (one car whizzing by every few minutes). It was surreal. Anyway, I ran over something which caused a slow leak in my front tire. We quickly replaced the tube and were on our way, a few kilometers left in our 169km day.
There's a new video uploaded to our Africycle Vimeo page, so check that out. The original file is 165MB, so we had to degrade the video quality to upload it. It still gives a pretty good idea of a typical ride. It's of the first part of our Day 4 ride, from Selkirk Shores to Sodus Point. I eventually had to put the camera away due to rain. It has rained a lot on tour, which is fine. It's been dry setting up camp each night and taking down each morning, which has been great. I'd rather have the rain while riding, not at camp. This morning though the rain was a bit too much. See the summary on the ride for africycle site...

More to follow. Two days left. Tomorrow, from Hamilton to Whitby, and then the last day from Whitby to Port Hope continuing on to Peterborough.

I'll see you at the Silver Bean Cafe at 7PM on Saturday night.


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