Wednesday, July 02, 2008



I surpassed the 1100 km mark yesterday on a Canada Day ride - a 54km loop through Cavan, Millbrook, and Wallace Point Road. The entire ride from Millbrook to Peterborough, all I could think about was the awesome Poutine that I would enjoy at the Hippy Chippy Chip Truck upon my return to Peterborough. Sadly, they had just run out of cheese curds, so I had to settle for one large order of Poutine, hold the cheese.

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that it has taken me around 8 weeks to ride a distance that I'll soon be covering in 9 days. Mixed. That's how I feel.

Dave, Michael and I had breakfast this morning with the Northumberland Rotary Club, preaching the good news of Africycle. They received us warmly and enthusiastically. One of their members may be joining us along part of the first leg of our ride, and raising money as well. There was talk by the local members there of hosting a bike collection drive, which would be fantastic.

I finally have a fundraising form of my own, so if you want to sponsor us on this trip, you can contact me and I'll write you in. As always, you can donate through the website.



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