Thursday, December 22, 2005

Olympic Hockey

So, the selection has been made. The roster has been set. And the controversy continues. Should Todd Bertuzzi be representing Canada? Should the young guys like Eric Staal, Jason Spezza and Sidney Crosby be given the spot? I personally would've preferred to see Staal and Spezza included, given the year that they're both having, and not include someone like Rick Nash who's just back from injury, or Martin St.Louis who isn't having the greatest year. Picture a line with Iginla, Spezza and Heatley!
Anyway, Staal and Spezza. Staal is the leading goal scorrer in the NHL right now, and 4th in points. Spezza is 6th in points. Impressive, but not impressive enough, apparently. Well, at least they're on the "Taxi Squad".


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