Monday, December 19, 2005

White Hat

I tend to be a bit anti-consumerist at times. I absolutely hate walking through Yorkdale mall in Toronto (more so than most malls for some reason), because there's so much useless high priced trendy crap that people waste their money on in places like that. That's a pretty strong opinion, I know. Because, honestly, the reason I'm writing this post is to identify a contradiction. I love getting new stuff. I love getting new CD's, or new clothes, or new strings for my guitar. Today I got a new monitor at work for my computer. It's huge. I love it. Will it make me work any faster or better. A bit, I guess. I got a new hardhat today too. Shiny and white. I've gotta kick it around the parking lot or something to scuff it up a bit so that the contractors don't laugh as hard at me when I visit the job sites. I got a new book last week, containing the lyrics and chords to each and every Starflyer 59 song ever written. Limited edition printing, #222/1000.


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