Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm back from a brief hiatus.
Work took me to Kingston/Napanee for a couple of days. I love that part of my job. Garry and Shannon opened their home to me (they've got a comfortable bed in their guest room), and Todd made the trek down from Westport so that we could drink some beers and tell some stories. Good times were had. Garry and Shannon are expecting their first kid any time now. They're in the 'red zone' as it's called, though they're still a couple weeks from the official day. Send up a word to God for them. They're excited about it. Garry's gonna be a pretty cool dad. I got to see Jeff Dixon as well, which was great. I hadn't seen him in a long time. Far too long.
Last night, for the third consecutive night, I found myself in a pub, celebrating with friends. I don't think I'm scheduled to drink again until some time next week, so no worries. The old stone in Peterborough has some of the best chicken wings you'll find. Dan and Lisa decided it would be a good idea to have a pre-christmas pub night with some of their friends from Lindsay and Peterborough. The old stone has a micro-brewery in their basement, and they make some pretty fantastic beers. I typically get their 'wild old ale' or their stout, but last night they were out of stout so I got their seasonal beer. It was a thick, dark porter. I enjoyed it and heartily recommend it.
I suppose I should get back to work. So should you. Coffee break is over. I can't believe you're reading this on your company computer!!

p.s. I just did the blogger spellcheck on this post, and "Peterborough" is not in it's dictionary. The suggested word is "Featherbrained". Fascinating. Any linguists out there who can explain this?


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