Friday, December 16, 2005

Sufjan Stevens

This is the picture of a tragedy. Not a huge one, not a small one, but one that would likely cause me to utter (or at least think) a bad word or two. As you can see by the size of the spill, our friend Dave had only just begun to enjoy this cup of coffee before having it knocked out of his hand by a soccer ball. I should add that he's the one who kicked the soccer ball.

So, Sufjan Stevens. I heard of him a while ago, but didn't ever really get a good listen until a few weeks ago. I really enjoy his 3 volume Christmas album, which is available here for download. I'm starting to get in the Christmas mood a bit more these days. Pretty much from November 1st onwards it's officially the Christmas season in the commercial sense. I can't really get into it until at least december, when we start the advent candle lighting at church. Sufjan Stevens has a good take on some old christmas tunes which is refreshing and enjoyable.


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