Monday, June 13, 2005

The Donald

It's been really hot and humid the past week in Peterborough, and I've noticed that I have weird dreams when the weather is like this. For example, a couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was afflicted with multiple personality disorder. The fun part was that one of my personalities was one of the final two contestants on 'The Apprentice'. However, the personality that had got to the final had either decided to regress, or had been overcome by another personality, and so the personality that was in the final had no corporate skills, no desire for board room banter, and no real ambition to be the Apprentice. I don't even think he could tie a tie. He did however have the conscious realization that he was in fact one of several personalities within the one person, somehow, but at the same time couldn't figure out how to tell 'The Donald' about his predicament without being instantly fired. He was compassionate, looking out for the well-being of the other personality. How could you fire someone like that?


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