Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is the Fungineer, in Wordle.

It Might Get Loud

"The electric guitar has dominated popular music for the last half century. Anyone who has ever plugged into an amp understands its power. So does the average stadium crowd. But if you have too much exposure to amateurs, you might forget the incredible range of expression that the creation pioneered by Les Paul can achieve in the hands of masters.

Director Davis Guggenheim, well-known for his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, deepens our appreciation for going electric by bringing together three virtuosos from different generations: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2 and Jack White of The White Stripes. It Might Get Loud weaves together their stories to reveal how each of them developed a unique sound."

This excites me. I want to watch it.

Apparently I need to update my blog more often. I was told today that my blog sucks. For that, I apologize. The offender has been dealt with.

Biketour 3.0 is in discussion mode. A figure 8, involving Lakes Erie and Ontario was put on the table for discussion. Erie is likely not going to make the cut. We will likely be repeating Lake Ontario, in reverse. It can be done in just over a week. The two lakes would require a couple of weeks, minimum.

My bike is in rough shape, still, from biketour. I've cleaned it, taken apart the bottom bracket, re-lubed it, put on a new chain, and it still sounds like I just road three weeks of cyclecross through the Sahara. I've got an old Peugot bike in my basement that I'm in the process of stripping down and converting into a single speed city bike. Fixed gear is trendy, and I might still go there, but I'm trying to not spend money on this project, so a new hub is out of the question, at this point.

Ahh bikes. It seems this blog has taken on a new theme of late. Deal with it.