Thursday, January 08, 2009


This is my oversimplified response to Palestine/Israel. I don't know the detailed history of struggle and conflict in this part of the world. People killing people. People mistreating people. Escalating attacks. Ceasefires. Broken promises. Missiles, bombs, walls, fences, border crossings, rocks thrown, words exchanged, love and hatred.

I try to follow Christ, and belong to the Christian religion. Yet I have a hard time practising some of the things that Christ preached. Things like loving my enemies, regardless of who they are. They may be enemies of thought, of ideology, of political persuasion, or they may cheer for the Leafs.

I try to follow Christ, and live a life of grace, reflecting the grace that he has shown me. Yet, I'm often quick to condemn, to blame, to point out fault. However, I'm not in a place to throw stones of judgement, as I myself am not without my faults.

I find myself with more questions than answers most days.


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