Friday, December 02, 2005


I was just tipped off by a friend to a Christmas 'Charity' thing that Life 100, the local Christian radio station is recruiting for. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Basically, for $10 you can send a kid in the ukraine to McDonald's for a happy meal, as well as a years supply of vitamins. I think it's cool, in a way, cause for the kids they get to eat at a place that only the rich/elite eat at, and have a good time. It's a bit of a contradiction though. Vitamins and McDonalds.
I'm always suspect of corporations who get involved in charity work, not that they shouldn't. It's good marketing. And that's my point. How much of it is 'from the goodness of the board's collective heart', and how much is driven by the marketing department. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
As the Wallmart documentary kindly points out, the Waltons have given nearly nothing out of their overly abundant wealth. Bill Gates, on the other hand, who many were ready to label as the 'anti-christ' a few years back is one of the most generous rich guys on the planet.

Anyway, those are some thoughts on charity. There's never a bad time of the year to be doing 'charity'. Find your spot.

I have a thing about listening to music that everyone else likes. I don' t konw if I just don't trust their opinion (there's so many of them), or if I want to be a bit of an individual. Well, consequently, I put off 'liking' Coldplay for a while. Well, recently, I've picked up a few of their CD's, and you know what, everyone else is right. I like them too now.

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Hey Breukelaar. I just got the Wal-mart movie in the mail yesterday. I'm so anxious to see it! I have to get Melanie to watch it because she shops at Wal-mart all the time in spite of my efforts to stop her.

I was also a Coldplay nay-sayer. Then a couple Christmases ago, I got their live DVD as a gift. It was great. I picked up the first two CDs and had to join the throng. Haven't go the latest disc yet. I own too many CDs.

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