Thursday, December 01, 2005


I don't know much about Darfur, so I don't really feel qualified to speak about it, short of saying: Educate yourself and take action if you can, and let me know how I can act if you know more about it than me. Genocide is an ugly word that describes a very complicated state of affairs in an African nation that I know nearly nothing about.
I got an email this morning from a friend who is in Africa doing some aid work, some nursing, and she had attached an article which was describing some of the slaughter, rape, murder, killing of children and infants that is happening there. We're so blind to it here in the comfort of North America. Canada, a peaceful place, where the news these days is dominated by an election because we have no confidence in our government, but we'll elect the same people all over again, at a cost of $200 million. I wonder what that $200 million could accomplish overseas, or here for that matter. The US of A ... A nation at war, but calling on only those serving in uniform to actually make sacrifices, while giving tax cuts to the rich folk back home, driving a country deaper and deaper into debt. Darfur doesn't have a chance when up against those things. But really, we live here, they live there. It's their problem. They got themselves into it, let them figure it out, right? Not necessarily. We've got tons of political blame here in the west for a lot of the crap in Africa. We've pillaged and plundered their contenent of people and resources for centuries. We've supported corrupt leaders, on both sides of the pond, for personal economic gain. We've turned a blind eye to much. Forgetting all the who did what, and who's at fault, they're fellow human beings, struggling under injustice. It's the responsibility of the 'strong' and the 'free' to help the weak and oppressed.

Anyway, there's my rant. For an inside scoop, check out this blog, called Sleepless in Sudan. other news...

  • Octozine, now online. It's an entertaining little read.
  • If you're gonna write an article about killing animals and eating them, for a liberal website, be prepared for the backlash. (see the comments at the bottom of the article)
  • And finally, for some good 'religious' satire, check out the Wittenburg Door.


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dave, you are learned, and quite wisened. i feel like a wee babe when reading your gigantour thoughts. thanks for reading all you do. matty

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