Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A matter of convenience

I'm about to rant. Now, I don't know the history of the "Christmas Tree", and it isn't really a huge part of my faith. I don't celebrate the planting of a tree 2000 years ago that would grow up to be the wood from which Santa's original sleigh was built. But, seriously, why can't a tree that's been called a "Christmas Tree" for decades continue to be called a "Christmas Tree"? Why must it be called a "Holiday Tree" to appease those who 'enjoy the lights' but don't celebrate the Christmas event.

In other news, being an engineer isn't all fun and games and designing cool stuff. Today, I spent a couple hours working on my Application for Licence, so that I can be a full-fledged Professional Engineer. I still need to read a couple of thriller's called Engineering Law and Engineering Ethics. Definate page turners that I won't be able to put down... So, when I'm not figuring out the overturn moment of a Radar Lifting Device, or calculating the tons of cooling required for a hair salon, you can find me with a pen in hand, filling out a form...

I decided today that I'm looking forward to snow. I didn't do a ton of playing in it last year. This year I plan too. Skating on the pond, GT'ing down a hill, maybe some snowboarding. Ahh, life is grand.


Blogger Barron C said...

And once you get that licence, watch out, 'cuz the women will follow!

Good luck on that!

6:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave, you are such a hounddog.
you don't even NEED the license.
the women in peterborough are all up in your GRILL!!
also, sorry about the plastic
glasses cheers'-ing on my blog.
those were NOT the glasses at my event. it was the best and quickest pic i could find on google to capture the evening's events. matty

8:55 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, you got your snow. I hope your happy.

9:16 a.m.  
Blogger Dave.B. said...

actually, i'm not too happy with the snow. haven't had the best morning... i forgot to turn my alarm clock on last night and so I woke up about an hour late this morning, which is awesome, cuz I needed the sleep, but not so good, cuz I was late for work. Then, the city of peterborough, their craniums full of festering turds, seemed to be caught of guard by the forcast snow, and decided not to sand and/or clear the roads... (they have now, as I look out my office window), resulting in me gently sliding into a curb and scratching one of my prestine hub caps. I call it car character. Atleast I don't live in Toronto.

10:02 a.m.  

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