Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Don't you hate it when your whales just don't blow up the way you want them to?

Dave Overholt, who has really great hair, told a story on Friday night about blowing up a large dead beached whale. Dave tell's stories very well. He's especially gifted at speaking to high school aged kids. Most of his stories involve weird and odd things, larger than life events and people (and whales), and usually relate to a loving God.
Sometimes he talks about practical jokes. I read this today, in an article honouring a guy who had just died who I don't know, but I thought it was great, that his life was being celebrated by some of the goofy things he had done:
O'Meara's love of a good joke was well-known in West Hartford. Courant columnist Ken Cruickshank wrote in 1976 of a practical joke O'Meara once played on local police. O'Meara dragged a friend who had passed out from too many martinis onto a Ridgewood Road lawn, strapped a parachute to his back, and called local police, telling them "something fell out" of an airplane "and it landed on a lawn near my house. (full article)"

Here's a few interesting bits. At the expense of the environment, you can continue to legally grow bigger strawberries. A teacher in the states got in trouble for giving his student's a 'liberal quiz'. If you're under the age of 20, this could potentially suck. And finally, a piece on energy, economics and an interesting social study on the different ways people think and view problems.

Oh, the picture that goes with this post has nothing to do with beer, unlike the two previous posts. I would't want you to think that all I do is promote excellent european brews. No, I took this picture during a TV timeout last night at the memorial centre. I went with my brother and my dad, to watch the OHL All-Stars take care of the Russian Selects. It was an excellent game, made better by the opportunity to watch as Bob Gainey was honoured with the raising of a banner.


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