Friday, November 25, 2005

This aggression will not stand, man.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new clooney/damon movie, Syriana. George Clooney is a pretty intelligent guy, and I think he's trying to make a statement with this movie. Damon is an incredible actor, and generally his movies are worth seeing. Basically, the movie is about Oil, and the industry that surrounds it. I've had a keen eye on all things 'oil' in the last couple years, with yesterday being dubbed the unofficial peak oil day.

I had my second interview with 'Big Brothers' last night. A case worker came to my home for a couple hours of intense discussion. It's a pretty thorough screening process, which is cool, and makes sense, given the day and age we live in. If you have some free time, can I encourage you to look into getting involved. They've got 60 kids (or 'littles', as I need to start referring to them) on a waiting list. They usually come from a single parent home, and are usually on the lower side of the income scale, and generally don't have too much advantage in life, and could really use consist role models. I'm a bit apprehensive starting out. I'm not really up on what 10-12 year olds do for fun, but I'm sure it'll be good times.

Today I learned that last year, NBC and CBS spent a grand total of 8 minutes covering the Darfur genocide.

I also learned that it's not sharks we should be afraid of. It's the octopus higher up on the food chain than the shark that should cause us to crap our swim trunks.

I learned a lot today. I learned that with the right vacuum cleaner I can become rich. And I'm not talking about selling them door to door, which I'm ashamed to admit, I almost did once as a part time job in highschool. That would've sucked a ton. Instead I worked at Wild Water and Wheels, watching kids drive off the go-kart track 8 hours a day in the blazing sun. Got the best farmer tan of my life that summer.

How cool is this. A giant pillowfight. I would've won. They key to a good pillowfight is to have a down-filled pillow, and a solid, high thread count pillowcase.

There's some pretty incredible quotes in this article about mega-churches. For example:
"These churches can do a ton of things that smaller churches can't, They have the resources to produce a professional-quality production every weekend, with music (often specially composed for the occasion and backed by a professional ensemble) and video and lighting and computer graphics and a preacher who knows how to work a crowd."
I especially like the 'preacher who knows how to work a crowd' bit. Yah, that's why I attend church. Then there's this, talking about the advantage of being in a church with 20,000 members, where you're sure to find someone else who enjoys NASCAR:
Or if you really love stock car racing, but hate being surrounded by drunken rowdies, you can go with a busload of your church friends.
Yah, never mind hanging around with other NASCAR fans watching the race. It's better to do that in the Christian bubble. I guess I'm a hypocrite here, sorta. I'm pretty much guilty of the Christian bubble thing too, but I try not to encourage it. And, as Barron says, "I spend a lot of time critiquing the church, Christianity, and religion. My hope is that this isn't confused with critiquing Jesus, or the Bible." I guess, for the most part, the things that I post on this blog are insights that I've been challenged by, or things that I want to challenge others to avoid, or raise awareness of. 'nuff said. Have a good weekend. You deserve it, man.


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