Monday, November 14, 2005

Liquid Air

Some thoughts on worship:
Our attitude should be 'what gift can I bring to worship?' So, connectedly, our gatherings need to become places where people can exchange gifts - song, video, theatre, graphics, design, music, installation, dance... I've often wondered whether the reason God rejected Cain's offering and accepted Abel's was because Cain gave something that didn't have integrity - wasn't integral to him, wasn't a true gift. As we used to say at Vaux, it's like he popped into the petrol station to grab some cheap flowers to give on the way. Costing him... nothing. And when we stand their singing stuff over and over and over, the same old songs... I just wonder if God is saying "come on, where's something from you!" It's in this area that I really think that the alt.worship movement has been really strong. link

Changing gears... So, I don't know all the facts about Iraq, and what the Bush Administration did or did not know/fabricate prior to invading. But when Bush's national security advisor says this: "We need to put this debate behind us. It's unfair to the country. It's unfair to the men and women in uniform risking their lives to make this country safe." I'd have to disagree. How is it unfair to debate the reasoning behind why men and women are putting themselves at risk daily? How is it unfair to debate the intelligence that led to a war that has killed more than 2000 American soldiers, and countless Iraqi's? Personally, I think it'd be unfair not to enter into that debate.
And changing gears completely, it looks like Martha is done. Now that's unfair.


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