Monday, April 25, 2005

Garage Sales

Garage Sales are awesome. I don't go to them very often, but when I have I've picked up some incredible bargains. Let me tell you about Saturday. I spent $7, and I'm sure I could have bargained it down to $5, but I was already getting a super good deal, so I wasn't gonna argue over it. I was driving down the street, and glanced at a yard sale. I wouldn't have had the time to look if the old decrepit man in front of me drove at proper speeds, but since I was only going 30 I had ample time to quickly scan the front yard. Clothing, trinkets, a couple aquariums, coat racks, a gun rack, a small guitar amp. So, I scored myself a Beltone tube amp, early 60's vintage. I took it home, cleaned it up a bit, plugged my guitar in, and played a little 'Johnny be good'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just checked out your profile and I think that your book listings of pride and prejudice and Emma are attempts at getting an artsy girlfriend. Keep up the good work. Wuthering Heights might make a nice addition.

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