Monday, May 26, 2008

Lake Ontario

I had my first view of Lake Ontario from my bike this past weekend. Three of us went for a bit of a longer ride on Saturday, from Peterborough to Port Hope and back. About 10km from the lake, we crested a ridge near Perrytown on Highway 10, where there is quite a view. We stopped at little parish/cemetery to a take in the view. It's quite the ride between Millbrook and Port Hope. There's big hills, which also means there is big views. The return trip felt like one continual climb, which coupled with a sustained headwind made for a rough go. We pretty much all checked out by the time we finished the last big climb and did our best to coast home. For my first 100km day, I'm pretty happy with the way it went. The only soreness today is the sunburn.
[Update: The 100km day, or 1000km trip around the lake is nothing compared to these.]


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