Thursday, March 06, 2008


What follows is purely my opinion, as is basically everything else on this blog, which is fine, since it's mine.

I really don't want the Republicans to win the next election in the states. The last 7 years with Bush have been terrible. He has wasted lives and dollars fighting an unjust war. He has rewarded the richest of his subjects with tax cuts, financed by those who make less, and the generations that follow. The American federal debt is closing in on 10 trillion dollars. Incredible.

I'm not an American, so should this really matter to me? Not directly, but indirectly it does. The policies and economy that he has presided over seem to be steering the USA into a massive recession. Some are even using the 'd' word, in their warnings. Depression. This affects me as a neighbor, and it affects the world overall. The blame doesn't lie 100% on Mr. Bush, but I can assure you that if everything was peaches and roses, he'd be the first to take credit. So, if it's not all corn on the cob and apple pie, will he take credit as well?

I say all this as a prelude to this comment. I want the democrats to win the next election. I would prefer if the Democrat to win would be Barack Obama. Things were looking very good for him until this past Tuesday. He's still in the lead, and by basically the same margin over Hillary, however, it just prolongs the decision. The republicans already have their candidate, John McCain. This means they can start 'rallying the troops', raising funds, forming strategy. It gives them a bit of a headstart - which they need.

I had really hoped that things would go in Barack's favor this week, that he would win handily in Ohio and Texas, and that Hillary would be forced to withdraw from the race. I read today that she needs to win 60% of the remaining delegates in order to win. I doubt that is possible. But, who knows, stranger things have happened.

It's kinda like the Leafs. Everyone knows they're not going to make the playoffs, but they hang around just long enough to do no one any good. They're out of the good draft picks, and out of the playoffs... Again. Mind you, I'm not a Leafs fan, so it's comical to watch.


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