Wednesday, February 27, 2008

These are my grandparents, my dad's parents. I took this picture at Christmas time. I caught them looking at a different camera, so it was a bit more natural - they weren't posing for me.

I love them a lot. They're funny, sincere, genuine and loving. I remember staying at their apartment a few years ago, the night before catching an early flight out of Pearson to Vancouver. I remember when they were going to bed I could hear them talking in their room. Grandma was trying to find her book; "John, where's my book?", "I don't know where your book went," was his response, which sounds pretty normal. It doesn't look like much in print. But, if you could hear his voice, there was just a subtle bit of raised intonation in his voice. A bit mischievous, as if he was saying "I might know where your book is, but I might not. I might have hidden it, I might not." That made my day, hearing my grandparents joking around, after some 60 years of marriage, as if they were kids, hiding each others favorite toys.

My grandfather's health hasn't been the greatest lately. He's had problems with his vision, a couple of hip replacements, he broke his femur last year, but he's resilient. He's positive. They both have strong faith in God, and He's been there for them through their whole lives, through WWII in Holland, through emigrating to Canada with a young family, through poverty and wealth. They have been blessed with 7 children of their own, 25 or so grandchildren, and some great grandchildren.

We recently learned of another setback in grandpa's health. We are praying for God to once again heal him, through medicine, through doctors, and through miracles. Please join us in this prayer, that the lung cancer they have found will be removed and he will have a quick, full recovery.


Anonymous Sarah Burt said...

I love that story Dave, that is so "them". :) I'm so glad to have gotten to know Grandma and Grandpa in a different way since becoming an adult - it's a different relationship than when I was a child and very few of my peers have had the privilege to develop that with their grandparents.

We are lucky to have them in our lives! I'm joining you in prayer for a full recovery.

1:45 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seeing the way they interact, it's pretty clear that being a twit is a male Breukelaar trait. Cristina knows she's doomed :)

great story dave...


11:26 a.m.  

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