Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There are two governmental issues that I'm unhappy with presently, so I will use a minute or two to vent and then proceed with my day.

First, Lockheed Martin, an arms dealer (Remember Bowling for Columbine, when Mike talked about how a lot of the parents of the kids at columbine highschool worked for Lockheed Martin, building missiles) has been hired to provide software for the Canadian Census. Read this, and if you want to add your voice to those who are not pleased with this decision, here's an opportunity.

Second, the conservatives have pulled the plug on a made-in-Canada energy efficiency program, known as "EnerGuide for Homes", which basically gives home owners a rebate when they upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient.

I've tried to find some contact info for my local MP, preferably an email address, so that I can let him know my thoughts on these things, but haven't found it yet. If you know it, leave it in the comments space. Thanks. I've also got some things to say to him regarding the Afghanistan debate/vote taking place tomorrow. I didn't vote for him, but he represents my voice in Ottawa, so I guess I should tell him what that is.


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See www.gc.ca

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