Monday, May 15, 2006

A blank page

My sister has some art hanging in a gallery right now. I'd like to buy one of her paintings, if there's any still available. She painted 8 scenes, around the theme (in)significance. She explored the beauty that is found in the little aspects of creation that often get overlooked. Pebbles on a beach, blades of grass, the silhouette of a tree against the horizon at dusk. I thought it was fantastic.
She's far more artistic than me. I once wrote a poem about a blank page and the possibilities that it contained. In the proper hands, with inspiration that blank white sheet could become a master hand sketch, a design for the next life changing piece of technology, the first page of a novel, a love song, or folded properly, and cut with skill a snowfla
It was a rather optimistic little poem.


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