Monday, April 10, 2006


The New York Times has a thought provoking editorial about Jesus and politics which is well worth the read. Click here.

I got word last week that a friend of mine who was once a meat eater, and then a vegetarian has once again joined the ranks of those who eat meat. It'll be nice to share a pound or two of wings with him again.

Chivalry is dead. As I've written before, my desk is next to a window and outside of that window is a parking lot, and across the parking lot is a business called "Rocky Ridge Drinking Water Ltd.". All day long a variety of people stop in with empty jugs of water to fill them up. It's incredible how often a couple will pull up in a car or truck and the guy just stays in the car while his wife/girlfriend/mom/partner fills the jugs on her own. I just watched a pregnant woman carry two big 18L (40lb) jugs of water to her car, on her own, whilst her husband sat there watching. Maybe she wants it that way, to prove herself somehow. Maybe he's just lazy.


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