Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hanging people for what they believe

Rex Murphy, as usual, raised a very very strong point last night in his 'Point of View' on the National:

Mr. Harper has today talked to the Afghan president about this aberration of democracy, human rights, and freedom of religion, and has had, in reply, the assurance of Mr. Karzai that respect for human and religious rights will be fully upheld in this case.

That's another contradiction. What case? Trying a man for changing his religion is the breach of religion and human rights.
It's such a contradiction that human rights will be fully upheld, when the guy is on trial for his faith. What human rights? The guy is on trial for converting from one faith to another.
Regardless of the outcome, if human rights were an issue, this wouldn't be a case, it would be a trial.

Rex continues:
But it is going to be more than a little difficult for Mr. Harper to sustain the morale of the troops he so evidently cares for and to hold a majority of Canadians to their support for those troops if the democracy of Afghanistan, one of its leading judges, and its attorney general, contemplates hanging from the end of a rope till dead a person who converts from one religion to another.
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