Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blinking with Fists

I've read some pretty cool posts/thoughts in the past few days on the church. I highly recommend them. The first is a series on the Holy Spirit and the Emerging church, hosted at The Complex Christ. Last month I read an article about the emerging church, and whether or not it is 'lacking the Spirit', written from the Vineyard perspective. I've been doing a fair amount of investigation into various theologies on the Holy Spirit lately (influenced by a sermon series at my home church, personal interest and study for renewal, influence from several friends in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles), and twinned with my reading on church praxis and the emerging church, it brought two of my main theological interests together. It's an ongoing discussion, one that hasn't concluded or drawn any main conclusions. I like the questions that are being asked though, about how and when the Spirit shows up, and what that looks like, and whether we've limited his work to big things like healings and 'manifestations of power' and 'prophecy'. Personally, I belive that God is more glorified when we acknowlege and allow for him to work in the little areas of our lives. I'd prefer to be a person living in the 'fruit of the Spirit' and having that impact my day to day life.
The second post is by Jordon Cooper on leadership. He echoes many of my thoughts on leadership, but raises some good criticism as well.
The third is by Len, over at He challenges the hierarchy of so many church models. Personally, I think there's a certain amount of hierarchy that is required, but I think we've got a bit too much established in our churches.

So, that's the serious side. Here's the fun links:

  • In case of a robot invasion, read this and you'll know what to do.
  • Gullible people are fun. Especially when they put you on national TV.
  • Hockey Fights. Come on, you know you like them.


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I hope the hide & seek team get into shape before 2008...

Did you notice that the video was taped off of CHEX?


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