Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We had another excellent weekend up north, with the guys from church. It's an annual event, which most of us look forward to attending. There's something cool about spending a weekend with a bunch of guys, playing sports, card games, enjoying the outdoors, praying for one another, eating copious amounts of food.
I took the picture above on Saturday morning, pretty late in the morning, which is amazing, because the lake was smooth like glass right up until around noon.

So, I think God has been telling me to spend more time with Jesus, reading the gospels, talking with him, getting to know him better, being more like him. Last night I read in Luke chapter 7 how Jesus, knowing what a guy named Simon was thinking in his heart, addresses him and says "Simon, I've got something to say to you." And Simon replies "Oh? Tell me." I wonder what Jesus would have done if Simon said he didn't want to hear it. Would that story still have made it into Luke's book? Simon had the luxury have having Jesus as a guest in his home for a meal, and so it was easy for him to converse with Jesus directly. He heard Jesus voice when he said "I've got something to tell you." It's a bit harder for you and me, to hear Jesus voice. First of all, I've got to believe that he actually speaks. And then I've got to know his voice. And then I've got to listen. And then I've got to act on it. Lots of faith based decisions in that process.
Anyway, I've been hearing a lot from Jesus lately, and I think the bigger tragedy to not hearing his voice would be to hear him and not do anything about it.


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follow up: Check out what Len says about Christians being Like Christ:

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