Friday, November 04, 2005

Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy; a Rhodes Scholar, journalist, radio host, author, a thinker and unintentionally entertaining. Anyone who has caught his 'point of view' on 'the National' will not deny that he is an oratative genius, choosing every word for the impact and meaning it will convey, and delivering his 'point of view' with almost poetic rhythm and voice.
A couple of nights ago he delivered the following opening lines in reference to the Gomery report:

I don't know what else the federal Liberals could do to sully their party's reputation.

Sell the Peace Tower to Wal-Mart?

Turn the House of Commons into a time-share Club Med, with the proceeds going to a pool for David Dingwall's severance package?

But outside of those extremes, they've hit the bottom of the barrel, dug underneath the barrel, and found an even lower place where there are no self-respecting barrels at all. (more...) other news...

  • A summary of a day with Mike Frost.
  • Drilling in the arctic. Don't get me started. There's only enough oil there to supply 5-1/2 months of the USA's current oil demand. That's a highside estimate. It hardly seems worth it.
  • This is why it's always safer to crap in your own crapper.


Blogger HCJoel said...

I saw Rex last October when I was visiting Lake Louise. He was in the hotel. He probably stayed there. We were walking around like vagrants. I wonder if I'll see him in Cuba tomorrow. Oh, sorry, Dave, just trying to rub that in. See you when we get back from Cuba!

5:45 p.m.  

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