Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm not a sociologist (I can't even spell the word properly), but I possess some ability at studying people and situations, and making observations and developing hypothesis around those observations.
Case in point, last night. A bunch of 'the boys' got together to help with the construction of a basement apartment. There was some insulating to be done, some vapor barriers to be installed, and some drywall to be hung. And well hung it was.
There's something about getting a bunch of guys together, working with hammers, staple guns, screw guns, knives, etc, that is just the perfect fuel for toilet humour. Words and phrases like 'on the stud', 'wood', 'screw', are all just comedy that writes itself. Throw in a few measurement jokes, a few good farts and burps, and you're left in amazement at this creature called Man. Capable of such extremes. Able to stand up and defend justice and the cause of the less fortunate, to weep over the loss of a loved one, to write romantic poetry for the one his heart desires, to enjoy the beauty of a sunset or the changing autumn colours, or to honour a friend with recognition and awe for the horrible stench that he has just released from his ass with a mix of hearty laughter and near vomit inducing disgust.


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