Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Funday.

I'm having one of the better Friday's at work in a while. I managed to have some successful dialogue with an architect this morning on a project that I've gotta finish up for Tuesday, I got a hefty expense check covering mileage and stuff like that for the past few months (new digital camera here I come) and I just had a two hour lunch with Todd Stelmach. I came back to the office for a couple of minutes, to pick up a couple things to work on this weekend at home, and then I'm off. We stopped in at chumleighs after lunch and Todd bought '28 days Later', so we're gonna go watch that... Fun times. No one else is around in my office anyway, so it just makes sense to not be here, especially since it's a long weekend!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat lots.


Blogger Timmy the G said...

"28 Days Later" is a great flick. It's a great re-imagining of the Zombie flick, and far more frightening than the lumbering George Romero versions (which are certainly entertaining in their own right).

Notice the lead is Cillian Murphy, who did a great turn as the villainous scarecrow in "Batman Begins."

Enjoy your weekend!

4:27 p.m.  

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