Monday, October 10, 2005

The Spider and the Fly

Saturday afternoon while helping Joel run wiring in his basement we were alerted to a housefly struggling to free himself (herself, itself??) from a spider’s web. The buzzing of it’s wing was unmistakable. We ventured over for a closer look, and just sat in silence observing what was happening for a couple minutes.
The spider, now an inch or so away from the fly, was spinning a new web around him. The fly had one wing free and several legs (appendages) as well, which he was using to keep his face clear of the new web. The buzzing of the one free wing was nearly constant. The fly was obviously tiring, as every 30 seconds or so, he would stop struggling briefly, only to go at it with more vigor. His fate was inevitable.
At one point Joel said what I was thinking, “We’ve got the power of God in this situation.” We could step in and rescue the struggling fly from his terrible predicament. We could squash the spider, or pull of it’s legs. We could kill them both, the foul creatures that they are. Or we could allow nature to run its course, which is of course what we did. It’s not that we didn’t have the power to step in, we just didn’t.
Sometimes that’s how life goes. God is aware of our struggle, and just allows the events to progress. Sometimes he steps in and spares us from certain doom. He is a loving God after all. He probably cares about me a lot more than I cared about the little housefly. Actually, I know he does. I wonder how many webs he’s rescued me from without me even noticing or being aware of his involvement. It’s a mystery, the extent of His involvement in our lives.


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