Monday, August 08, 2005

Bill Shakespeare

I'm back. I took last week off, and aside from one brief encounter with checking my email I avoided computers for a week and a half. It felt great. Freeing. I recommend the same for you from time to time. Actually, I haven't had an internet connection at home in months, and I haven't missed it. I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer at work, so what's the point.
Highlights of my week off:

Alex and Elaine's Wedding - The minister, while speaking about the similarities in the imagery of marriage and Christ and the Church said: "In the same way a man leaves his Father and Mother to be united to his wife, Christ left His Father in Heaven and his Mother at the Cross to be united to the Church." I thought that the reference to his Mother was beautiful.

The Dow residence at Silver Lake - They've got a little terrier, named Ruffy, who likes to play tug of war games. He's just a little guy, but is full of 'piss and vinegar'. He's the kind of dog that latches onto the tug of war toy so hard that you can lift him off the ground with it. He also chases loons. Canoeing/swimming in the middle of Silver Lake he decided to swim after a family of loons. It was great to spend time with the Dow family and catch up with Craig again before he heads back to Egypt again.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park - While buying a block of ice to keep my beers cold at the store a mere 100 meters from the park gate a car with Quebec plates approached me and asked me where Presqu'ile was. Perhaps it was the lack of bilingual signs that confused them and prevented them from finding Presqu'ile. That reminds me of when my uncle was traveling through Quebec and someone asked him where Wolf River was. He'd never heard of it. Riviere-du-loop on the other hand was just down the road.
I digress. Camping at Presqu'ile was great. Fantastic weather, huge waves to play in at the beach, massive camp fires, cold beer, and a bit of a family reunion. Good times all around.

The Complete works of Shakespeare - I went and saw an outdoor production of the Complete Works Of Shakespeare last night at the Peterborough Centennial Museum. I must admit, it was a rather ambitious project for the three talented actors to pursue, but they pulled it off. Condensing the 16 comedies into a single 5 minute play certainly sped things along. The crowd favorite was Macbeth performed with Scottish accents. They even dared to utter the title of the play on stage. I rather enjoyed Hamlet, with a South Parkish rendition of the play within a play bit. The 3rd encore when they performed Hamlet backwards was certainly a bold and brave accomplishment. If the 'Driftwood Theatre Group' comes to a town near you, check them out and bring a friend or two. You will not be disappointed.


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