Thursday, July 28, 2005

Medical Advice

If this was your hand, would you:

A) Seek immediate medical attention.
B) Let it heal on its own, likely with a slightly askew little finger, to match the other hand (ask me about it sometime).
C) Put it in a vise and try and straighten the finger on my own.
D) Cut it off so that it doesn't cause me to sin any more?

So, here's how it happened:
I play soccer, and I'm the goalkeeper. People tend to fire the ball in my general direction several times a game, and since our team isn't the greatest, it happens quite often. Last night, a guy took a point blank shot which was right at me, and kinda handcuffed me a bit, and I jammed my 'pinkie' fingers on each hand. Really weird. I wear gloves when I play and didn't take them off until the end of the game, and for the last 20 minutes of the game after the injury I avoided touching the ball with my hands as much as possible. The finger on my left hand was actually dislocated at the first joint, which was easily fixed with a deep breath and a good tug on it (slightly weird feeling your finger pop back into joint), but the finger on my right hand didn't fix so easily. So, I'm going to get it looked at this afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say you do all of the above options in this order. first C, put it in a vise and fix it on your own, next b, once it is straighted by yourself let it heal, it'll probably still be slightly askew, then when it doesn't seem to heal right and it just causes you more trouble, D, cut it off and finally A, seek medical attention, and maybe some phycitric attention too. anyways have fun with that.

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